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If you want to learn how to play golf, the How To Break 80 and The Simple Golf Swing these recreation ebooks are here to help you.

The Largemouth Bass Extreme and the Fly Fishing Guidebook ebooks will assist you in your hunt for the big fish.

The Jamorama Guitar Course invented by Ben Edwards, is one of the best known guitar courses available on the internet. The course includes both ebooks, mp3s and videos.

Daniel Brown's ebook Tarot Card Reading Made Easy will find the truth about the people around you and what's next for you in the future.

Top Secret Bass Fishing Techniques!

recreation | bass fishing secrets
This ebook is power-packed with bass fishing techniques the pros don't want you to know about!
Learn the techniques needed to be at top of every bass fishing tournament.

Tarot Card Reading Made Easy

recreation | Tarot Card Reading Made Easy | DIY - Do It Yourself
Use the tarot cards to find the truth about people around you, what is waiting in the future, who you can trust and where your life is heading, how to connect with your true-self and much, much more.
jamorama guitar course, learn to play guitar

Jamorama Guitar Course

recreation | Jamorama Guitar Course
Learn to play guitar the famous JAMORAMA way by the inventor of the Jamorama method, Ben Edwards.
By using step-by-step lessons, games, sound files and other resources, you will learn fast!

Golf Lessons - How To Break 80

recreation | Golf Lessons - How To Break 80
Learn the 4 simple and easy steps which will make your golf handicap drop to single digits instantly!
Jack Moorehouse will teach you how to break 80 and play like the pros.
learn golf, break 80, lose handicap
learn golf, break 80, lose handicap

Learn The Simple Golf Swing

recreation | Golf Lessons - Learn The Simple Golf Swing
David Nevogt will show you how you can lengthen your drive and cut your golf handicap by seven to twelve strokes in just 2 weeks.
You will learn the correct hand action, correct timing and consistent direction.

The Fly Fishing Guidebook

recreation | Fly Fishing Techniques - Guidebook
Some of the topics covered: How to fish in Fresh Water & Salt Water, How To Make Your Own Fly Fishing Rod, Pick the Right Flies, Casting Instructions, How to Chose the Right Equipment and Many Fly Fishing Secrets.
learn flyfishing, learn bass fishing
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