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Investigate anyone with the help of the merchants listed on this webpage.

Get a membership and search peoples court records, sex offender records and criminal records, financial, civil and civic records. You can also use the databases to find a long lost friend or lost people.

The merchants listed under the Legal headline might help you with beating that speeding ticket you got, or help you minimize or clear your DUI record and get your drivers license back!

Be sure the merchant is offering access to the information you need before ordering.

Investigate Anyone

Web Investigator

investigations | legal | Web Investigator
Do background checks, reverse searches, find friends, find lost people, search criminal and civil records etc.

Get unrestricted access now.
Join Web Investigator.

ONLY Available in the US.

Records Registry

investigations | legal | Records Registry
Join Record Registry to get instant access to public records and be able to do unlimited background checks on anyone. You will be able to research court and criminal records as well.
ONLY Available in the US.


Beat Speeding Ticket Defense

investigations | legal | Beat My Speeding Ticket
Find out how you by implementing 5 easy steps can beat that speeding ticket you got. This ebook contains information prosecutors, judges and cops don't want you to know about.
ONLY Available in the US.

Clear Or Minimize Your DUI Record

investigations | legal | DUI Process - Clear Your Record
Simple actions will help you clear your DUI record and get your drivers license back and help you save money on your insurance!
It doesn't matter which state you are located in!

ONLY Available in the US.
All ebooks got an 8 week money back guarantee.
All merchants accept credit cards. Most merchants accept Paypal.

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