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The Astrology & Horoscopes section got the following offers: Astrology readings from 123 Astrology, Kosmik Astrology, Abby's Astrology Charts and Lucky Days - Astrological Software.

In the Psychics section, The Psychic Gypsy and Psychic Triads will give you psychic readings.

Astrology & Horoscopes

Strikingly Accurate Astrology Readings

astrology | psychics | 123 Astrology
Imagine if you was able to read the story of your future life.
You would be able to make the most out of your opportunities, know how to avoid negative influences and be able to chose the right path in your life.

Kozmik Horoscopes

astrology | psychics | Kozmik Astrology | Cosmic Astrology
Get a highly detailed 25 page horoscope with commentary from the astrologist.

Famous celebrity customers include Courtney Love and the late Princess Diana.

AstroAbby's Astrology Chart Shop

astrology | psychics | AstroAbby's Astrology Chart Shop
Order your own specialized astrology report in the following areas:
Natal/Child, Relationships, Forecasts, Localities, Treasure Maps, Child/Parent Guide and Numerology.

Lucky Days - Astrological Software

astrology | psychics | Lucky Days - Astrological Software
The Lucky Days - Astrological Software has been created to assist you in winning lotteries, at casinos and at races.

Lucky Days will help you discover which days are best for gambling.


Psychic Gypsy Advice

astrology | psychics | Gypsy Advice - Spiritual Readings & Tarot Readings, Astrology
Chose between Astrological readings, Spiritual readings, Tarot readings, Rune readings and Numerological readings.
Participate in Empowerment Workshops via telephone and Empowerment Classes via email.

Psychic Triad - Professional Readers

astrology | Psychic Triad | Triads | Readings | Online Chat
Psychic Triad got a staff of 13 professional clairvoyant readers. Some of them got over 20 years of experience.

You can chose to get the reading via online chat or via email.

DIY Spiritual & Paranormal

Hauntings, Ghosts and Ghost Hunting

astrology | psychics | How To Hunt Ghosts
This report gives you the keys and guidelines needed in your search for ghostly and paranormal activity to make sure it will be a success.
The ebook A Ghost In Every House explodes the myths and reveals the truth.

How To Develop Psychic Powers

astrology | psychics | Psychic Power Secrets | Develop Psychic Abilities
Every human, including you got
the potential to develop psychic powers.
Some of the psychic abilities you will learn in this ebook: Telepathy, Astral travel, Psychic Influence & Attraction and Spiritual Healing.

Tarot Card Reading Made Easy

recreation | Tarot Card Reading Made Easy | DIY - Do It Yourself
Use the tarot cards to find the truth about people around you, what is waiting in the future, who you can trust and where your life is heading, how to connect with your true-self and much, much more.
All ebooks got an 8 week money back guarantee.
All merchants accept credit cards. Most merchants accept Paypal.

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